November 1, 2008

singing to the earth

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So I ended up watching Ten Inch Hero this evening.

I thought it was sweet.

Don’t judge me!

It’s not a particularly well written movie, and certainly not worth spending $12 + popcorn and soda, but it was sweet and a little funny and even a little touching. It probably helps if you like the actors in it, and since I do like Clea DuVall, Alice Krige, John Doe, and Sean Patrick Flannery, it was all right. And Danneel [sp?] Harris is very pretty and has nice chemistry with Jensen Ackles, who only embarrasses himself a little bit, and I think that’s more the writing than him. I actually really liked the friendships – the one between the three girls, and also between everyone who worked at the shop.

If you like indie rom coms that try just a little too hard to be quirky – and I do have a weakness for them – and don’t mind plot contrivances too much, you might enjoy it. Plus, Ackles wears a kilt and guyliner and has tattoos and piercings. There is no bad there. I even kind of find the facial hair cute.


(Though I could have done without the naked people on horses at the end.)

I am choosing to believe that the Banana Republic outfit was a one time thing, and that Priestly would be back in his regular gear the next day.

You’re totally judging me now, I know it.