January 25, 2009

they sing along and they love you

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L. and I went to see Notorious this evening – the biopic of the Notorious B.I.G., not the Hitchcock movie. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. I think the guy who plays Biggie does a really fine job, and Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace is awesome as usual. I also liked the women who played Faith Evans and Lil Kim. I only knew the basic outline of the story, though of course I remember both Biggie’s and Tupac’s deaths – they didn’t have the same personal impact for me that Kurt Cobain’s suicide had (the only celebrity death that I’ve ever felt viscerally), but I was sad we’d lost such talented young men, and wow, the soundtrack on this movie reminds me of that and makes me sad all over again. Now I am trying to decide if I should buy the soundtrack to the movie or his greatest hits album, except the latter doesn’t appear to have “Party & Bullshit” on it, and that just ain’t right. Hmm…