September 3, 2006

the shape of your walking away

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So I recently got hold of Eating in the Underworld by Rachel Zucker, which is a book of poetry telling the story of Persephone, except that in this version, Persephone wasn’t stolen away, she chose to leave. It’s quite gorgeous, really, and I recommend it highly.

Letter [Demeter to Persephone]
from Eating in the Underworld by Rachel Zucker

Am I the only one to notice the soft layer of haze above snow?

You say you see butterflies in the skeleton pelvis, well,
what about the larger hand of the clock?
Or a cauldron for boiling water?

Did you, do you ever stop falling?

                                 I repeat your name
                                       a word

                                    it almost means

Do you remember encyclopedias?
I piled up the books so you could reach the table.

Now the only way to recall you is the shape
of your walking away.