April 26, 2009

there’s love waiting for the both of you

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I’ve just finished reading Georgette Heyer’s Black Sheep, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Abby is wonderfully non-missish and full of good sense and good humor, and I liked Miles and his pragmatism quite a lot. The plot is predictable, but never overly convoluted, and nobody acts like an idiot in order to make it work.



February 14, 2009

the walls are closing in

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I read Faro’s Daughter by Georgette Heyer the other day. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. I liked both Max and Deb, but Deb’s convoluted schemes just irritated me. I skipped to the end so I wouldn’t have to read through them all, which is something I only do when a book bores or irritates me.



January 8, 2009

shading into candlelight

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I just finished reading The Grand Sophy. I enjoyed it a lot. Not quite Devil’s Cub levels of awesome, but then, she doesn’t shoot Charles, like Mary shot Vidal. I consider that a point of excellence in a romance novel, when the heroine shoots the hero. Sophy does shoot Charlbury, though, for his own protection, but it’s not quite the same. Anyway, it’s definitely a fun romp, and I would recommend it if you enjoy those types of Regency romances and haven’t yet read it. I quite enjoyed Sophy sorting the Rivenhalls out, and I am so glad that Charles was wise to her plotting.