January 4, 2009

your laughter is my light

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On my train ride home this afternoon, I read Carla Kelly’s latest, Marrying the Captain. I enjoyed it. It was a return to form after the awfulness of Beau Crusoe, which was just plain bad on several levels. This one wasn’t quite up to, say, Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand or The Wedding Journey, which are probably my favorites (and I finally got a new copy of the latter, after my got ruined, and left it at the parents. Pfui.), but it is a lot better than Beau Crusoe. It was most reminscent I guess of Miss Whittier Makes a List, with its stern naval captain hero and innocent young heroine, though Nana is a lot more of a Mary Sue than Hannah Whittier, I guess these are sort of spoilers? I mean, the plot is in the title, you know?


July 10, 2007

all I’m asking is to be alive

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I just reread Miss Whittier Makes a List, and even though Daniel is kind of a huge bastard to Hannah (and she’s so young, which kind of freaks me out now, just like in Marian’s Christmas Wish, Marian is only sixteen!), the ending hits all sorts of buttons for me, and I just cry and cry. spoilers!

April 7, 2007

not a maiden fair

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I finally sat down and finished Carla Kelly’s latest, Beau Crusoe.

Okay, so normally I love Carla Kelly’s books (I rec her all the time to people who are all, “I don’t like romance novels!”), but this one really didn’t do it for me. I liked it even less than Libby’s London Merchant, which is the only other one of hers I’ve read and didn’t really love, mostly because of the fakeout of Nez appearing to be the romantic lead and then…not actually getting the girl (I did love the follow-up where he did, though, so that worked out. I wonder if rereading Libby’s London Merchant with that in mind would make me like it better?).

There were some good things in it – the reconciliation between Susannah and her sister Loisa made me cry in typical fashion for her books, and the way Trevenen convinced the father to get rid of the toucans was hilarious – but I just didn’t really like Trevenen that much, and his whole thing with the hallucinations of the dead sailor didn’t thrill me, which is a problem when he’s the romantic lead and so much of the story is from his POV. And I really didn’t like the inclusion of Lady Audley as the evil predatory seductress, a characterization Kelly’s usually dodged in her books, and which left a bad taste in my mouth in this one.

I dunno. I guess because I reread her books a lot when I need comfort reading, I have higher expectations, and this one just … didn’t meet them. Sigh.


June 2, 2006

ouch I have lost myself again

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during that hellacious thunderstorm we had last night, instead of turning on the laptop, I reread Summer Campaign, and god, that book makes me cry.

click for spoilers

April 22, 2006

disappear for a while

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I just finished rereading Marian’s Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly. *sniffle* It never fails to make me all sniffly in any number of places, but the moment click for spoilers

March 13, 2006

i’m scared of what we’re creating

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I finally got my hands on Summer Campaign and Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season, neither of which I had read before.

I enjoyed both immensely, though the similarities between Will Summers and the hero of Miss Whittier Makes a List go beyond their both being captains in the Royal Navy.

However, you *know* Will won me over when Jeannie asked him, “Why are you doing this for me?” and he said, “Because you’re crew.”

Oh, Mal.

Of all the things that could have bothered me about Serenity as a movie, the one with Mal acting as if Simon and River weren’t crew was the one that bothered me most. Because that’s so important in the arc of the show, for both plot and character reasons.

But with the help of some good fanwanking by someone in my comments a while back (I can’t remember who, so speak up if it was you), and also by Jacob in his recap of the movie over at TWOP, I’ve decided that it’s not that Mal has suddenly stopped seeing Simon and River as crew, or that he never did at all (which is probably the true intention but pfft to that), but that Simon is placing River’s needs above Serenity’s, and Mal can’t do that (well, he sort of does it when he carries her back onto the ship, but he does that mostly because of Zoe’s point that he shouldn’t have left the guy behind on Lilac). Simon and River’s individual safety cannot be put above the crew’s. They have to be downgraded in Mal’s mind so he can justify leaving them.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than me just ignoring his behavior in the beginning of the movie, which I was kinda sorta doing, because otherwise, a lot of his character development from early in the series has disappeared, and it makes what may be my favorite scene of the whole show – when he chastises Jayne for betraying him at the end of Ariel (which I watched last night.) – meaningless. And for me, the show trumps the movie in terms of characterization. I have to square the movie with the show, not vice versa.


February 25, 2006

you know you can follow my voice

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Last night, I reread One Good Turn by Carla Kelly, a book that never fails to set me crying. I don’t sob, I just can’t stop the tears from rolling down as a I read, until I am a soggy mess clutching a handful of damp tissues in one hand and the book in the other. It wasn’t the book I really wanted (that would be The Wedding Journey, which I hope I have at home, because it doesn’t seem to be here), but nearly all of her books make me cry like that, even the lighter ones that don’t involve traumatic memories from the third siege of Badajoz.

this is what I wrote when I first read it