July 21, 2006

these two lanes can take us anywhere

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I went to B&N so I could finally pick up a copy of Nick Hornby’s Songbook, which K. recommended.

As I was leaving the building, the pianist was playing “Hungry Heart.” I found that wonderfully amusing and appropriate.

Then I came back to my desk, paid bills (on time, even, for most of them!), and read this interview where Nick Hornby interviews Bruce Springsteen (from last summer, the Devils and Dust tour). I loved this line from Bruce: “I realised I wasn’t one of my heroes, I was something else and I had to take that into consideration.” I think that is one reason his music works so well, and speaks so truly to so many people. Also, Hornby’s footnote number 5 really really resonates for me.

While I ate my lunch, I read Hornby’s essay on “Thunder Road”, and while it doesn’t exactly capture my feelings about the song (I read it in a much more metaphorical way, I guess. I mean, I never ever thought “I’m pulling out of here to win” was about money or success so much as it was about breaking free from the place that told you you could never win, never succeed, so why even bother trying? and so the very act of “pulling out of here to win” is, in fact, winning), I did enjoy it, and especially his preface about how it’s not necessarily about memories, and how it’s not that the song – or any song – reminds me of one thing or another, it’s that it speaks directly to me, and what it says may change as I get older, but it’s always speaking, a low murmur in my ear and in my heart and in my soul, this is who I am, who I was, who I’d like to someday be…

And now Q-104 is playing “Tenth Avenue Freezeout.”

I am so amused by synchronicity of this nature.