May 11, 2009

you make me mellow

Posted in books tagged , at 8:51 pm by placeinthestars

Last night I finished reading Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia by Cindy Pon.

I enjoyed it – it’s a fairly straightforward adventure story set in a fantastical version of China, featuring the seventeen year-old heroine, Ai Ling, who goes in search of her father (who left home six months before on an errand to the palace and hasn’t returned) after a powerful man in town tries to force her into marrying him.

She has adventures along the way, meeting up with Chen Yong and his half-brother Li Rong, and finds out a bit more about her own past life.

I could have done without the various rape attempts, the characterization is a bit thin, and the ending is either a setup for a sequel or unsatisfying, but the world-building is vivid, with lots of cool monsters for Ai Ling to fight off, the pacing is great – it’s a quick, compelling, easy read – and I really enjoyed how much Ai Ling enjoyed her food, as well as the very tasty descriptions of what she was eating.

I would totally read a sequel if Pon chooses to write one.



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