May 8, 2009

i am human and i need to be loved

Posted in books at 4:49 pm by placeinthestars

I finished reading Precious Dragon, the third Inspector Chen novel, on my commute home last night. I enjoyed it way more than The Demon and the City. It builds on those events and features characters we met in it (Jhai, Mhara), but has a lot more of Zhu Irzh and Inspector Chen working together, which is what I liked best about the first book and what was missing from the second, so I was really happy that they were together again. I enjoyed Miss Qi and Underling No, the Zhu family drama, and the dragons. Even Inari got to do something in this one, though I would like her to have a large, more active role in future stories.

I am also amused that it featured Heaven waging unprovoked war on Hell (based on a lie!), and that it did not have humanity’s best interests at heart.

I will have to pre-order the next one.



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