April 24, 2009

Lines For Painting On Grains Of Rice by Craig Arnold

Posted in poetry tagged , at 4:58 pm by placeinthestars

Lines For Painting On Grains Of Rice

You are the kind of person who buys exotic fruits
      leaves them out on the counter until they rot
You always mean to eat them     sometimes you rearrange them
      rousing over the bowl a cloud of tiny flies


How do they balance     the parrot who chews a walnut
sideways     holding it up in his right foot
the owl perched on a just-lit lamppost
      scratching behind its ear    like a big dog


Your pencil eraser wears down long before the point
      for every word you write    you rub out two


Where the slice of toast rested     the plate is still warm
      a film of fog     little points of dew


Love is like velocity     we feel the speeding up
      and the slowing down     otherwise not at all
the more steady    the more it feels like going nowhere
      my love I want to go nowhere with you


I cannot bring myself to toss the cup of cold coffee
you set down by the door on your way to the taxi
all day I have sipped it    each time forgetting
your two tablets of fake sugar    too sweet

~Craig Arnold



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