April 19, 2009

Conversation with Objects by Viola Lee

Posted in poetry tagged , at 5:06 pm by placeinthestars

Conversation with Objects

there are so many things here
that will be forgotten come winter
so many things that will be forgotten
things like bra on yellow bench
or even watch on the wooden nightstand
all these plain objects
that we are slowly leaving behind

there are so many things that remind me
of spaces that need forgetting
so many things like the heat of that summer
where things outgrew themselves
where even showers tasted of metal
where there was no way
of escaping that body clinging to this body
there are days where my body feels inanimate
feels like bottle  hairbrush  night stand        
there are so many things here that are inanimate
this is a comb      this is her hair    
this is    the comb    she uses
to comb her hair      
this is his spoon      this is his body      this is the spoon     
he uses to nourish his body
this is a stone this is a hand
this is the stone
he nervously clenches with his hand
all of this will be forgotten
come colder days when no one is out
and the only things that echo
are the streets without their lights

~Viola Lee



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