April 9, 2009

like you don’t even exist

Posted in music tagged , at 7:58 pm by placeinthestars

R. and I went to see Sunshine Cleaners tonight. I really liked it a lot. The acting is fantastic, and the story is sweet, but not too sweet, and quirky, but not too quirky, and it made me achy and teary a couple of times, in the good way. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt really make you believe they are sisters, and the movie really gets a lot about what being sisters is like.

For those of you who don’t know, in the movie, Rose (Amy Adams) and Nora (Emily Blunt) are sisters who start up a crime scene/trauma cleaning service, meaning they clean up after suicides and murders and accidents and such. There are even pie references! It is a thing. And also their mother killed herself when they were young, and Nora doesn’t really remember her, and Rose helped raise her, though when Rose is like, “I can’t take care of you anymore,” Nora says, “It’s not your job to take care of me,” and Rose says, “Somebody had to.” *sniffle*

I also really like that there was no romance. I enjoyed Winston, but I am glad she kicked Steve Zahn to the curb and didn’t take up with a new guy. And that it was still a family business at the end.

Anyway, I liked it a lot and would totally recommend it.



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