April 4, 2009

elocation (or, exit us) by Evie Shockley

Posted in poetry tagged , at 6:08 pm by placeinthestars

elocation (or, exit us)

the city is american, so she
can map it. train tracks, highways slice through, bleed
          only to one side. like a half-red sea
permanently parted, the middle she’d

pass through, like the rest, in a wheeling rush,
afraid the divide would not hold and all
          would drown – city as almighty ambush –
beneath the crashing waves of human hell.

          the city’s infra(red)structure sweats her,
a land(e)scape she can’t make, though she knows
          the way. she’s got great heart, but that gets her where? egypt’s always on her right (it goes

          where she goes), canaan’s always just a-head,
and to her left, land of the bloodless dead.

~Evie Shockley



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