March 8, 2009

the city is a sorceress

Posted in books tagged , at 5:33 pm by placeinthestars

I finally finished The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (trans. by Lucia Graves), after having put it down for a long while for reasons which I no longer recall. I am not sure I got everything that happened, because I didn’t go back to the beginning to reread, but I retained enough to understand the major plot points.

I would recommend it – it’s the story of Daniel Sempere, the son of a bookseller, and Julian Carax, a mysterious author whose books and life Daniel becomes obsessed with, and the book follows him as he unravels the mystery surrounding Carax.

It’s very much a story of narratives, of truth and fiction and how we shape our lives as stories, and how the stories we tell shape our lives.

The writing is rich and evocative and full of vivid descriptions and elegant turns of phrase (some combination of original text and translation, I’m sure) and unexpected humor and sadness.



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