February 17, 2009

[in the scrying bowl] by Cathryn McCracken

Posted in poetry tagged , at 2:15 am by placeinthestars

[in the scrying bowl]

in the scrying bowl
before it is lifted up
the fourth goddess takes her tea

she’s precocious this year
the hidden director of all the holes
we have tunneled in dirt
filled with seed
arranged in the dark

there will be only questions
given to questions
a thing made out of nothing
come new to life
curiosity wanting to make
a name for its lust

the fourth goddess rains
upon us from a cirrus sky
when she comes like this
she owns only herself

~Cathryn McCracken




  1. Vanessa said,

    This poem was written by my mother who passed away recently. Where did you come by it? It truly was a bit odd to Google her and find a recent entry with her name on it.

    • placeinthestars said,

      My condolences.

      I honestly don’t remember where I found it. I have a number of online literary magazines and poetry websites bookmarked, and I save the poems I really like in a word file for later posting.

  2. Vanessa said,

    She was the editor and founder of Willow Street a poetry mag in ALB. N.M and was also one of the part time editors for Sage Trail currently still going. She would be glad that people still find and enjoy her writing. She wote a book od poems as well called Earth Dreams: Quarried in New Mexico (Hardcover) by Cathryn McCracken (Author) still availbale used in some places.
    Thanks for returning my comment~

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