February 4, 2009

racing with the rising tide to my father’s door

Posted in movies tagged , at 10:42 am by placeinthestars

Former co-worker R. and I went to see Taken tonight. My quick non-spoilery reaction is that I enjoyed seeing Liam Neeson kick ungodly amounts of ass, but as with all middle-aged white man revenge scenario movies, you can’t think too much about it because it’s highly problematic.

Wow, Maggie Grace is playing a seventeen year old? Seriously? When was this movie filmed? It drove me nuts through the whole movie that I knew I knew her from somewhere, but I kept thinking Emma Caulfield (Anya), and I knew that wasn’t right. And Famke Janssen plays her mother, Liam Neeson’s ex-wife. She doesn’t have much to do. Neither does Katie Cassidy, who plays Maggie Grace’s party girl friend who gets kidnapped with her and dies.

Like I said, it is enjoyable to watch Liam Neeson be ubercompetent with the ultra-violence as he plays an ex-spy father whose daughter has been kidnapped by – and my hand to god, I am not kidding – white slavers. Albanian white slavers, to be exact, who run a kidnapping/white slavery ring in Paris. They sell the virgins to another guy – American, I think – who then auctions the girls off to rich sheiks and oil magnates. And the French police are taking payoffs from them to turn a blind eye. I… yeah. I don’t even know.

I also wish Brian – Neeson’s character – had shown a little more concern for all the other girls, including his daughter’s friend Katie Cassidy, who were kidnapped, drugged, and sold into sex slavery.

So I guess I enjoyed it, but I am not sure I can actually recommend it, though if you are into Liam Neeson being ubercompetent with the old ultra-violence, you’ll probably enjoy it.



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