January 4, 2009

your laughter is my light

Posted in books tagged , at 8:00 pm by placeinthestars

On my train ride home this afternoon, I read Carla Kelly’s latest, Marrying the Captain. I enjoyed it. It was a return to form after the awfulness of Beau Crusoe, which was just plain bad on several levels. This one wasn’t quite up to, say, Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand or The Wedding Journey, which are probably my favorites (and I finally got a new copy of the latter, after my got ruined, and left it at the parents. Pfui.), but it is a lot better than Beau Crusoe. It was most reminscent I guess of Miss Whittier Makes a List, with its stern naval captain hero and innocent young heroine, though Nana is a lot more of a Mary Sue than Hannah Whittier, in that she is all good and perfect and appears to be beloved of everyone ever (except her cowardly reprobate of a father, who is the villain here). Her only flaw is one of birth and thus, not her fault at all, though small-minded folk hold it against her. Onyx in Summer Campaign was also illegitimate, iirc – this did not make me cry the way that did. There is a spy plot that feels kind of oddly tacked on, like they asked her to add it in after the first draft of the story was done, though I suppose it does tie in at the end, and the pacing is a bit weird because of it, but overall, it had one or two nice moments that made me all achy in the chestal area, which is what I want out of a Carla Kelly Regency, and I wasn’t irritated when I was done. I do wish she’d avoid writing sex scenes, but these are a lot less bad than the ones in Beau Crusoe, for what that’s worth. Only one of them goes into any sort of specifics; the others are vague enough to be easily passed over.

It was okay, I guess is what I’m saying. Not her best, but not nearly as bad as her worst.



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