January 30, 2009

Nearly A Valediction by Marilyn Hacker

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Nearly A Valediction
by Marilyn Hacker

You happened to me. I was happened to
like an abandoned building by a bull-
dozer, like the van that missed my skull
happened a two-inch gash across my chin.
You were as deep down as I’ve ever been.
You were inside me like my pulse. A new-
born flailing toward maternal heartbeat through
the shock of cold and glare: when you were gone,
swaddled in strange air I was that alone
again, inventing life left after you.

I don’t want to remember you as that
four o’clock in the morning eight months long
after you happened to me like a wrong
number at midnight that blew up the phone
bill to an astronomical unknown
quantity in a foreign currency.
The U.S. dollar dived since you happened to me.
You’ve grown into your skin since then; you’ve grown
into the space you measure with someone
you can love back without a caveat.

While I love somebody I learn to live
with through the downpulled winter days’ routine
wakings and sleepings, half-and-half caffeine-
assisted mornings, laundry, stock-pots, dust-
balls in the hallway, lists instead of longing, trust
that what comes next comes after what came first.
She’ll never be a story I make up.
You were the one I didn’t know where to stop.
If I had blamed you, now I could forgive
you, but what made my cold hand, back in prox-
imity to your hair, your mouth, your mind,
want where it no way ought to be, defined
by where it was, and was and was until
the whole globed swelling liquefied and spilled
through one cheek’s nap, a syllable, a tear,
was never blame, whatever I wished it were.
You were the weather in my neighborhood.
You were the epic in the episode.
You were the year poised on the equinox.



January 25, 2009

they sing along and they love you

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L. and I went to see Notorious this evening – the biopic of the Notorious B.I.G., not the Hitchcock movie. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. I think the guy who plays Biggie does a really fine job, and Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace is awesome as usual. I also liked the women who played Faith Evans and Lil Kim. I only knew the basic outline of the story, though of course I remember both Biggie’s and Tupac’s deaths – they didn’t have the same personal impact for me that Kurt Cobain’s suicide had (the only celebrity death that I’ve ever felt viscerally), but I was sad we’d lost such talented young men, and wow, the soundtrack on this movie reminds me of that and makes me sad all over again. Now I am trying to decide if I should buy the soundtrack to the movie or his greatest hits album, except the latter doesn’t appear to have “Party & Bullshit” on it, and that just ain’t right. Hmm…

January 20, 2009

yes we did!

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President Barack Hussein Obama!

I can’t stop crying.

♥ ♥ ♥

January 19, 2009

what can’t we face

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R., E., and I went to see My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Keep in mind that I would still be far more interested in a movie about the band My Bloody Valentine (named for the movie, natch), and that I am not a fan of slasher flicks, nor of horror in general, and that I had never seen the original. All that being said, I thought the movie was hilarious. The writing is, well, it’s pretty dumb, and really, Jensen Ackles was the only character I cared about – well, him and the two old guys. I’d have probably cared about the deputy if he’d had any lines. Ackles is very pretty. Kerr Smith has poor facial hair, and Jaime King is pretty as a redhead.


January 8, 2009

shading into candlelight

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I just finished reading The Grand Sophy. I enjoyed it a lot. Not quite Devil’s Cub levels of awesome, but then, she doesn’t shoot Charles, like Mary shot Vidal. I consider that a point of excellence in a romance novel, when the heroine shoots the hero. Sophy does shoot Charlbury, though, for his own protection, but it’s not quite the same. Anyway, it’s definitely a fun romp, and I would recommend it if you enjoy those types of Regency romances and haven’t yet read it. I quite enjoyed Sophy sorting the Rivenhalls out, and I am so glad that Charles was wise to her plotting.


January 6, 2009

i see orion and say nothing

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L. and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight and it was lovely. Also, every movie should have a big musical production number over the credits. I would totally stay and watch them if that were the case.


January 4, 2009

your laughter is my light

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On my train ride home this afternoon, I read Carla Kelly’s latest, Marrying the Captain. I enjoyed it. It was a return to form after the awfulness of Beau Crusoe, which was just plain bad on several levels. This one wasn’t quite up to, say, Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand or The Wedding Journey, which are probably my favorites (and I finally got a new copy of the latter, after my got ruined, and left it at the parents. Pfui.), but it is a lot better than Beau Crusoe. It was most reminscent I guess of Miss Whittier Makes a List, with its stern naval captain hero and innocent young heroine, though Nana is a lot more of a Mary Sue than Hannah Whittier, I guess these are sort of spoilers? I mean, the plot is in the title, you know?