October 24, 2008

wouldn’t be caught dead working for the man

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So I finally read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and I loved it a lot, though I thought the Antarctica thing was…weird, and the ending a little abrupt. The writing was fantastic, though. I just. Man, Chabon can spin a pretty sentence, can’t he? And make it move the story along, too. I was kind of totally hoping Joe, Rosa, and Sam would form a happy threesome at the end. Sigh.



October 13, 2008

Two Bowls of Milk by Stephanie Bolster

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Two Bowls of Milk

Are two bowls of milk. They are round
and white and have nothing to do

with the moon. They have no implications
of blindness, or sight. They wait

on the doorstep like bowls
or like things that closely resemble

bowls in their stillness. The bowls do not
foreshadow cats. There are two

because two hands set them out
and each wanted to hold something.

Milk because not water. The curve of
milk against the curve of bowl.

~Stephanie Bolster


October 4, 2008

like the deserts miss the rain

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L. and I went to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which I liked a lot, even though the gross bits were possibly the grossest thing I have ever seen (and I watch Bones) – I had to hide my eyes for that whole sequence, and then they kept bringing it up AUGH – and there was a moment where Nick was really douchy, even if Tris was awful. I need to get the soundtrack. I loved Norah, and I especially loved Norah’s lipstick. I also really loved seeing familiar NYC places on screen (Veselka!).