September 25, 2008

nature is so

Posted in movies tagged , at 9:58 am by placeinthestars

RB and I went to see Burn After Reading last night. I enjoyed it – Brad Pitt is hilariously fantastic in it, as is John Malkovich – but I thought the pacing was slow and odd.

We went to dinner first, to the place we usually go, and there was a roach on the table next to us. Which, normally, I’d have gotten up and left, but the allergy medication I’m taking makes me all queasy if I don’t eat, so we stayed. It really put a damper on dinner, though. And the wait staff was completely non-apologetic about it, which I think was the worst part. We called a busboy over and he killed the roach with a rag, but nobody came over to wash the table down or reset it, and I really hope they didn’t use that rag for anything else last night.




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