August 23, 2008

action, tempo, rhythm

Posted in movies tagged , at 8:40 pm by placeinthestars

L. and I went to see Tropic Thunder, which I loved. I mean, yes, there are some problematic things in it, but I have not laughed so hard at a movie in I can’t even remember how long. I don’t generally like Ben Stiller movies, but dear god, Tom Cruise was funny – he needs to do more roles where he reminds us that he can act – and so was Robert Downey Jr. Also, I really liked the guy who played Alpa Chino (he was exceptionally cute. and also, hee! Lance!) and the guy who played Sandusky (who I thought was Colin Hanks but wasn’t). plus, the fake trailers before the movie were GENIUS.

Anyway, the movie was hilarious, and the music was perfect — all that typical Vietnam era movie music, and the use of Edgar Winters’ “Frankenstein” was perfect. As was that damn “Low” song that I hate. And I loved the song over the final credits, which I will have to track down.



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