July 23, 2008

let it all hang out

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L. and I went to see The Dark Knight last night. It was good, though I thought it was too long and too convoluted. (I think most movies are about twenty minutes too long, though.) I liked it quite a bit, but I honestly have to say I liked Iron Man a whole lot more. One of the things that really resonated with me in Iron Man is Tony’s joy at what he creates, at what the suit can do, and what he can do in it. And there is no joy in Batman. It’s just a completely different ethos. Possibly why I tend towards Marvel heroes rather than DC? I don’t know.

Anyway. In detail. So I was inadvertently spoiled for Rachel’s death in a post about Dr. Horrible, and yeah, I totally see why the person was talking about them together, though I didn’t read the rest of the post after I saw that, ’cause I didn’t want to be any more spoiled than I already was. And I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t find Maggie Gyllenhaal attractive. There’s something weird about her face – she always looked like she had too much blush on.

So, yeah, I was spoiled for Rachel’s death, and I knew the Awesomeness that was Harvey Dent was going to end up as Two-Face, but I have to tell you, when they faked Jim Gordon’s death, I was ready to get up and walk out of the theatre. I was all, “People liked this movie? How could you like a movie where Commissioner Gordon dies before he even becomes commissioner? Fuck that shit! I want my money back!”

I may be irrationally attached to this version of Commissioner Gordon. But it’s CRAZY GARY OLDMAN BEING ADORABLY SANE AND CUTE! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!


I kept telling myself he had to be faking it, because surely I would have heard about something so huge. That is the kind of spoiler that doesn’t keep, you know? So I was more than pleased to be proved right about that.

I thought Ledger was exceptionally menacing and believable as the Joker, and I liked the explanation of him as an agent of chaos, because what Bruce really wants is order – he wants things to make sense, like they haven’t since his parents died, so the Joker is the perfect villainous mirror of him.

I do think they maybe could have saved Two-Face for a movie of his own. I feel like the movie had too many endings.

And as much as I enjoy Bale as both Batman and Bruce, I think I enjoy these movies more for Alfred, Lucius, and Jim Gordon.

Anyway, if they do a third movie, I hope they will bring a smart and proactive (as well as sexy) version of Selina Kyle into play.

It maybe sounds like I didn’t like the movie, and I did. I thought it was really intense and well-done, but I am not sure how emotionally engaged I was in it, beyond the whole DO NOT KILL JIM GORDON OR HIS FAMILY thing.

I did really like the convict taking the detonator and tossing it overboard. “What you should have done in the first place” indeed. I was hoping they’d do something like that. And they really brought across the feeling of what it would be like to live in a city that had a criminal like the Joker, and that had – that needed – someone like Batman. *shivers* Creepy and menacing.

It was a really intense moviegoing experience. I came out of the theatre a little punchdrunk, a little groggy, a little stunned by what I saw.

So you should link me if you’ve posted about the movie. I wouldn’t mind reading other people’s responses. Alan Sepinwall’s is here.

Mostly, though, it makes me want to see Iron Man again.



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