June 28, 2008

i can see no reason

Posted in movies tagged , at 7:17 pm by placeinthestars

L. and I went to see Wanted today. We both enjoyed it, though I could have done without the rats. It definitely had a comic book feel to it. Angelina Jolie is badass and James McAvoy is adorable. I wish he’d get to use his real accent more often. I am not sure the movie made much sense, but if you like a big shoot ’em up that owes a large debt to The Matrix, you’ll probably enjoy it.

I am not sure I’m not overthinking, but I thought it was kind of a commentary on how dangerous escapism can be. I mean, Wesley had this crappy life he wanted to escape from, the way a lot of us do, and when he was offered the chance to escape, he grabbed it with both hands, and it didn’t end well for him. I wasn’t particularly sympathetic to him, or to anyone else in the story. You sign up to be an assassin in a secret fraternity of assassins, you kind of get what you deserve. I mean, “we kill one to save a thousand” is a great motto in theory, but they kind of dropped the ball in the 20th century, no? I mean, seriously? that’s what I would have said, and Angelina Jolie’s story about her dad would have been touching, but still. I’d ask them to fine-tune the loom a little, ’cause I am not sure mafiosi in Chicago are really at the same level of evil as leaders of genocide and such (yes, yes, those guys were Sloane’s choices, not the loom’s. Still, the question needed asking). Possibly I was overthinking.

But yeah, that was my thought – escapism is all well and good in its place, but unchecked and unquestioned, it leads to some dark places.

Anyway, I did enjoy the movie.



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