April 26, 2008

How To Research A Poem by Justin Evans

Posted in poetry tagged , at 1:29 pm by placeinthestars

How To Research A Poem

Cruise through your hometown
looking for old friends,
marking into different columns
who has grown fat, bald, or dead.

Snap pictures of new storefronts.
Be sure to note the names of
what those places used to be.

Thumb through your high school
yearbook, phone your date for the prom
pretending to be pleased as she talks
about her spouse and children.

Explore your grandmother’s house
looking for remnant shadows,
ignoring the nice young couple
who bought the house six years ago.

Dig through your parent’s yard
for the bones of the family pet,
measuring the distance from
the garage to the femur both
in feet and meters.

Hang the Do Not Disturb sign for room 5
of the Ace Motel on your way out of town,
taking advantage of the cold shower
and neon lights outside your window.

~Justin Evans



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