April 7, 2007

not a maiden fair

Posted in books tagged , at 9:01 pm by placeinthestars

I finally sat down and finished Carla Kelly’s latest, Beau Crusoe.

Okay, so normally I love Carla Kelly’s books (I rec her all the time to people who are all, “I don’t like romance novels!”), but this one really didn’t do it for me. I liked it even less than Libby’s London Merchant, which is the only other one of hers I’ve read and didn’t really love, mostly because of the fakeout of Nez appearing to be the romantic lead and then…not actually getting the girl (I did love the follow-up where he did, though, so that worked out. I wonder if rereading Libby’s London Merchant with that in mind would make me like it better?).

There were some good things in it – the reconciliation between Susannah and her sister Loisa made me cry in typical fashion for her books, and the way Trevenen convinced the father to get rid of the toucans was hilarious – but I just didn’t really like Trevenen that much, and his whole thing with the hallucinations of the dead sailor didn’t thrill me, which is a problem when he’s the romantic lead and so much of the story is from his POV. And I really didn’t like the inclusion of Lady Audley as the evil predatory seductress, a characterization Kelly’s usually dodged in her books, and which left a bad taste in my mouth in this one.

I dunno. I guess because I reread her books a lot when I need comfort reading, I have higher expectations, and this one just … didn’t meet them. Sigh.



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