June 2, 2006

ouch I have lost myself again

Posted in books tagged , at 12:30 pm by placeinthestars

during that hellacious thunderstorm we had last night, instead of turning on the laptop, I reread Summer Campaign, and god, that book makes me cry.

When Adrian asks Onyx to help him die so she can focus her attention on Jack’s troubles? *sobs*

I mean, I cry at (many) other points in the book, but this time around, that was the one that hit me hardest. Well, that and when Jack says the only difference between him and Adrian is that Adrian will be dead in a few days, while he’s dying inside but will still have to haul his carcass around for another forty years? I may have lost it there, too.

Sigh. I want to write stories that wreck people like that.



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