April 22, 2006

disappear for a while

Posted in books tagged , at 8:52 pm by placeinthestars

I just finished rereading Marian’s Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly. *sniffle* It never fails to make me all sniffly in any number of places, but the moment when Gil tells her about seeing the torn, bloody dress and that he thought she was dead? god. It always gets me. That she sends it back to him, knowing how it will shake him… *shivers* she’s as ruthless as he is, really, which is one reason they work well together, I suppose.

And I always forget that she’s only sixteen (seventeen in March) and I have to readjust to not being squicked by that every time. *snerk*

I do love Marian and Alastair’s relationship. They’re adorable without being cloying, and I can believe they’re brother and sister.



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