March 6, 2006

gravity is dead you see

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from various people: The Museum, Libraries and Arts Council’s list of 30 Books Every Adult Should Have Read.

I’m really disappointed that well, there are a couple of books I’d switch out, and replace with other things, like, oh, Catch-22, or The Things They Carried, or The Long Goodbye or The Great Gatsby, but I’m really disappointed there’s no Absalom, Absalom on there, because seriously, yo? It’s the greatest novel ever written. It’s about how stories get shaped and told, and how they shape the people who live them and tell them and listen to them. It’s about family and love and war and incest and race, and the past and the present, and oh, man, I love it and more people should read it because it’s AWESOME.

Have you ever noticed how so often when we try to reconstruct the causes which lead up to the actions of men and women, how with a sort of astonishment we find ourselves now and then reduced to the belief, the only possible belief, that they stemmed from some of the old virtues? the thief who steals not for grief but for love, the murderer who kills not out of lust but pity? Judith, giving implicit trust where she had given love, giving implicit love where she had derived breath and pride: that true pride, not that false kind which transforms what it does not at the moment understand into scorn and outrage and so vents itself in pique and lacerations, but the true pride which can say to itself without abasement I love, I will accept no substitute; something has happened between him and my father; if my father was right, I will never see him again, if wrong, he will come or send for me; if happy I can be I will, if suffer I must I can.
Absalom, Absalom, p. 96

Speaking of books, on the recommendation of C., I now have a copy of Achilles by Elizabeth Cook. *glee* It’s tiny, so I’ll probably be talking about it soonish.



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