June 14, 2005

girls! in! pants!

Posted in books tagged , at 11:39 pm by placeinthestars

I just finished reading Girls in Pants and of course I cried again.

Lena finally had something to do that wasn’t Kostos-related, and I was happy, though her story totally got overshadowed by Carmen and Tibby, as always. Though the bit when she drew Valia? Made me cry on the bus. And then Carmen, taking Valia out for Greek food and letting her be homesick. *sniffles* Valia reminds me of my own grandmother.

Tibby and Katherine killed me. Oh, Tibby. *cuddles* And then Tibby as labor coach. Eeeeeee! Carmen telling the cop off! “this girl is a force of nature” indeed.

The Bee/Eric thing was too contrived for my taste, but whatever. So far I like Win, and Brian is adorkable. I’m sure Lena/Paul will be… something eventually. I don’t know how interesting it’ll be, but then, the books are much more interesting to me when they’re about the families and hte girls, not so much on the romance. I much preferred the way Carmen and Win developed than Eric and Bee.



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