June 11, 2005

be clever, not beautiful

Posted in books tagged , at 5:24 pm by placeinthestars

Since my dad was monopolizing the computer today, I read The Second Summer of the Traveling Pants, which also made me cry like a baby.

Okay, I like Bee much better now. Still don’t care about Lena. Still identify far, far too much with Carmen, and not quite as insanely with Tibby. I am totally jealous of other people’s love and I love too much/too hard. It’s a little uncomfortable seeing behavior you’ve tried to correct spelled out in black and white right in front of you. Not that I ever did exactly what Carmen did to her mother, but the idea is similar. Gah.

And Tibby, oh Tibby, honey, I feel your pain. I really do.

It was good to see Bee do something so constructive and yet painful, even though it was rash. I knew Greta knew who she was, and that she needed to work through all the stuff about her mother, rather than just keep running from it.

I’m a little disturbed that they don’t wash the pants, especially after Bee plays soccer in them. But I suppose they are magic, and thus, don’t start to stink.

I suppose I’ll read the third one. Is it in paperback?



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