January 9, 2005

greater than the whole of the past

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L. is coming over in a bit and we’re gonna try to marathon through LotR (which means, I’m thinking, FotR, a handful of scenes from TTT, and then the RotK EE, which neither of us has watched yet. I don’t think I could take sitting through TTT again, to be honest. It’s my least favorite of the films, even with all the Theoden and Eowyn action).

I have put down The Persian Boy because Alexander and Hephaistion are fighting and I know that means Hephaistion is going to die soon, and wah. I am so sad (by which I mean pathetic, for being all ‘wah’ over Hephaistion, who’s been dead nearly 2500 years; otoh, I was also ‘wah’ when Josh and Biff came back to Jerusalem in Lamb, so…). Instead I’ve been rereading Lord of the Two Lands, which is Alexander-in-Egypt and the original characters are fun and well, Egypt, which is why I originally bought the book.



January 3, 2005

this is where we used to live

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Just finished reading Fire from Heaven this morning (spent most of last night curled up with it instead of being online).

While I find Renault’s style a bit… tedious overdone, I’m anxious to get home tomorrow because I have The Persian Boy sitting on my end table, waiting to be read. Is there a lot of Hephaistion in it? I’ve always been a fan of Hephaistion, in the other stories of Alexander I’ve read (much as I immediately latched onto Patroclus in the Iliad. [Well, Patroclus and Hector, because mmm…Hector… ahem.] I think it’s a function of my sidekick love, and also, of course, the whole best friends become lovers thing), and would like more of him.

Anyway, I kind of really really loved Fire from Heaven and Alexander and Hephaistion’s relationship. ♥