April 17, 2004

you can only take so much

Posted in books tagged , at 8:59 pm by placeinthestars

Finished Guardian of the Horizon, which I quite enjoyed.

So Ramses and Daria got it on. Woo! Lucky woman. I don’t think he loved her, but he’s still young enough that he could mistake liking her, and wanting her, with loving her. And I knew they’d end up leaving her with Tarek, especially after the comment about how inbred they were and how they needed new blood.

Emerson and Amelia continue to be one of my favorite couples ever, and here they were in top form. Plus, Sethos! I was so glad he was around for the ride. And Selim and Daoud.

It was a lot of fun.

So B. and I were talking about Falcon last night, and how over the top Nefret’s behavior is, and how MPM never provides any good reason for it. Nefret has to know Ramses would never debauch an innocent, never pay for sex, and even if he had, not with a teenage girl. And any girl in Egypt who got knocked up by him would have presented herself to the Sitt Hakim at the earliest possibility.

To go from discovering you love someone and sleeping with them and planning your wedding to rushing off and marrying someone else (who you end up never sleeping with – wtf?) all within 24 hours (well, not the marrying Geoffrey, but the rest of it) is just insane. It’s the kind of thing most of MPM’s books make fun of. But there is nothing satirical about the situation in Falcon. Nothing.

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I reread that section of the book, trying to figure out what the hell Nefret was thinking. It’s out of character for her – and I never much cared for her, but this made me hate her with the vengeance of a thousand fiery suns. Ramses forgives her, but I can’t. I mean, I sort of do when I read the books after Thunder, but I just remember how she completely didn’t trust him and ran off and married someone else mere hours after telling him she loved him and wanted to marry him.

I am exceptionally fond of Ramses, though I don’t talk about him much.

Interesting revelation in Guardian, though. Apparently her father made her promise never to marry (he was afraid she’d marry Tarek, who was in love with her). So it’s vaguely possible (though highly unlikely) that her guilt at breaking that promise was also driving her, but man, what a cheap retcon.

I dunno. The incident in Falcon is like this huge scar across the books for me. It mars things it oughtn’t, because there’s still no good, in character reason for Nefret to do what she did, and that bothers me a lot. A lot.



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